‘TheoLab’ Center for Science and Analysis draws upon the concept of Christian inter-faith dialogue while elaborating the norms of inter-confessional ethics. Speaking of inter–faith dialogue on both academic and social platforms, our academic team lays stress on the necessity of establishing and adhering to a set of ethical norms. Such necessity is anchored in the imperative of inter-faith and/or inter-confessional solidarity driven from the contemporary challenges. Our team introduces the theoretical grounds of the issue and indexes the paths to enact the ethical norms.

In this section a set of ethical norms for dialogue and/or polemics still transpiring between various non-Chalcedonian and Chalcedonian churches and denominations, cases of deviations from the norms in everyday life as well as monitoring of the cases and statistics are introduced. Here you will hit academic and popular science research on both historical development of the issue and the state-of-the-art.

In 1970, at the beginning of the non-official theological dialogue between the Oriental Orthodox and Eastern Orthodox Churches, in Geneva, it was already said that: “Through study of each other (tradition) there is mutual agreement in all important matters such as liturgy, spirituality, doctrine and canonical practice, on the Church as the communion of the saints with its ministry and sacraments and on the life of the world to come…” (C. Chaillot, Towards Unity p. 51). Then it was also said that: “But the long period of separation has brought about certain differences in the formal expression of that tradition, with three basic ecclesiological issues: (1) the meaning and place of certain Councils in the life of the Church (cf. as the Chalcedonians acknowledge seven ecumenical councils and the non-Chalcedonians only three); (2) the anathematization or acclamation and veneration of certain saints as some saints are controversial teachers of the Church; and (3) the jurisdictional questions related to manifestation of unity of the Church at local, regional and world levels.”

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