Method in Theology defines and constitutes the ways of theologizing in line with a respective Church tradition. Method has strict rules when it comes to a respective tradition, it also has historical progress starting from the Late Antiquity to modern times. Methodological issues have not been properly explored within Orthodox and Oriental Orthodox Church traditions, whereas Catholic and Protestant theologians have paid decent heed to them. Nowadays theology is seen as a creative process during which the author-theologian, while tackling certain theological issues, is led by his/her own thematic priorities, ways of interpretations and literary style.

In discourse about the methods in theology TheoLab sets priorities on the examination of methods referring to the interplay of theology and other disciplines. It pays considerable attention to discerning and filtration of pseudo-theological methods, also to study the historical dynamics of method in theology via synchronic and diachronic approaches. For the first time in Armenian reality TheoLab makes attempts towards the switch from metaphysical to economic, horizontal theology.

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