“Theolab” as an Initiative

“TheoLab” theological initiative has been launched by a group of specialists on April 17, 2018 on the commemoration day of St. Hovhannes Odznetsi (John of Odzun). The initiative seeks to enhance theological disciplines and religious studies in Armenia, to conduct scholarly research, to commence publishing activity, meanwhile contributing to the increase of social awareness on aforementioned domains.
In 2018 the early fruit of “TheoLab”’s activity saw light – the members of Initiative Shushan Khachatryan and Hayk Hakobyan coauthored and published a popular science brochure dedicated to St. Hakob Mtsbnetsi (Jacob of Nissibis) to be donated to St. Hakob Church in Kanaker district of Yerevan. The brochure introduces the life of virtuous Saint, who keeps enjoying people’s love and dedication, as well as highlights important fragments of his activity, his miracles and healings. It also briefly reflects on the Saint’s feast day. The second part of the brochure is dedicated to the St. Hakob Church in Kanaker. It encapsulates the history and 18 inscriptions of the church, the latter scientifically circulated for the first time. The Classical Armenian text of the inscriptions is juxtaposed with the rendering to Modern Armenian.

“TheoLab” Center for Science and Analysis, NGO

In October, 2019 the Initiative was officially registered as “TheoLab” Center for Science and Analysis, NGO. The research frames of the Centre include themes referred to elucidation of the interplay of Theology and Religious Studies with other disciplines, estimation of state of art in interdisciplinary research in Armenia, publishing of multi-language scholarly works in the fields of Theology and Religious Studies as well as translation of various works on mentioned disciplines. According to the Regulations of the Center, anyone holding a higher education diploma in Theology and Religious Studies is eligible for membership of the Center. For further information concerning the membership protocol please contact “TheoLab” Center for Science and Analysis.

The goals of “TheoLab” Center for Science and Analysis are:

  • to familiarize society in Armenia with the worldwide scholarship and achievements in Theology and Religious Studies, meanwhile contributing to the international thought in the fields of Theology and Religious Studies with distribution of analytical material on Armenian theological sources,
  • to conduct thematic scholarly research, projects, monitoring, sociological investigations and translations in the areas “TheoLab” seeks to cover (Theology and Religious Studies),
  • to boost the establishment of a wide-scale platform for scientific and analytical discussions with scholarly and broader public in Armenia (public lectures, round tables, etc.),
  • to foster inclusion of scholarly works on Theology and Religious Studies in printing market of Armenia by publishing scholarly researches and analytical material, scientific popular brochures, booklets and leaflets aimed at raising social awareness on mentioned topics.
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