Spiritual Security

‘TheoLab’ Center for Science and Analysis puts its special focus on the concept of “spiritual security” through the aspects of its practical, daily, personal development, spiritual self-education and self-defense.
According to various assessments, modern humanity undergoes not only the experience of abandoning what is spiritual, but also pursues the goal of targeting, labeling, and marginalizing people living their lives spiritually. The latter attitude targets especially Christians worldwide. The spiritual worldview of a person and the typical moral way of his/her life are being labeled and interpreted as ‘anti-scientific’, ‘anti-pragmatic’, ‘anti-secular’, ‘obsolete’ and ‘outmoded’. These approaches result in adoption and application of both practical and unfeasible targeting of a spiritual person. Thus, spiritual security in ‘TheoLab’ eclectically includes theoretical and practical stages, their adaptation, development, elaboration and teaching, which will allow a person with a spiritual worldview not only to recognize and resist any manifestation of marginalization and targeting, but also will lead him/her to recognize the challenges pushed against Christian worldview by means of teaching the appropriate approach.
The issue of spiritual security currently occupies the common Christian mindset. ‘TheoLab’ Center has developed preliminary principles for Christian spiritual security, and will further improve the mentioned theoretical and practical knowledge and steps according to people’s age groups, spiritual cognition and intellect.

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