Theological Anthropology

Theological anthropology has been put forward and developed by the Church Fathers yet in early Christian period drawing upon biblical and evangelical tenets about man.
The major goal of Christian anthropology is to help a man perceive and feel himself as created by God with His image and likeness, to reveal the purpose of afterlife, to guide him towards spiritual circuits and unite with God.
Man is the crown of creation, the meaning of the existence of the universe. Man is the only being that unites spiritual (invisible) and corporal (visible) worlds. There are two concepts about human structure in theology–dichotomic (body and soul) and trichotomic (body, spirit and soul/mind). Armenian theological thought more often than not leans toward the trichotomic structure. Sticking to this tradition ‘TheoLab’ has created a platform for translations, articles and essays scrutinizing Christian anthropology of the Armenian Church.

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