The phenomenon of secularization has been studied around the world in terms of various disciplines: research has been carried out by scholars of religious studies, theologians, philosophers, sociologists, historians etc. Thus, as a complex cultural phenomenon, it has different definitions.
Generally, through the term a complex historical process is characterized, which started in the XVII century Western Europe, where the influence and role of religion and Church in the social life was observed as gradually decreasing. Secularization has influenced various spheres of social life, in various ways. The extreme form of it is secularism, when God, Church and religion have strictly no place in society or are considered to be phenomena from which people should be emancipated.
Secularization has been a subject for various viewpoints, concepts and approaches. “TheoLab” Center for Research and Analysis will regularly keep this phenomenon on spotlight by an interdisciplinary approach, carrying out studies of it both in the world generally and observing its peculiarities in Armenian society.

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