If the fulcrum of theology is divine revelation, then the basis of phenomenology is the study of religion as a phenomenon peculiar to men, one way or another. Phenomenology does not focus on spirituality or its history and theory. It rather studies the manifestations of spirituality in man through the lenses of history and theory. The frames of phenomenology do not include the sacral or the ritual, but the rituality and the sacred from within, from the position of religious manifestations in man, taking into account psychological aspects as well. In other words, the subject of phenomenology is not the study of the origins of given religious phenomena, but studies of religious manifestations. For instance, while studying Christianity, it focuses not on its origins and development as a religion, but sees it from the point of view of “Christianity in Christian believers.”
Within the framework of phenomenology, the “TheoLab” scientific-analytical center seeks to focus the attention of those interested and specialized circles on the phenomenon of religion, in particular, Christianity as a phenomenon, its components and forms of expression, observing it from the inside, as it is seen through the eyes of a religious person, making his religious experience a matter of study. In this sense, it encourages interdisciplinary studies, which allows “TheoLab” to invite specialists from various fields to come up with observations, propose new and innovative theories, discoveries, participate in the creation of new interpretations, evaluations and discussions.

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