Theology and Art

Has theology infiltrated into art or vice versa? It is a complicated question to answer, however these two domains are in mutual coherence, as they support each other in expressing and exposing themselves. There is Church art, which is methodical, in line with ecclesiastical canons and there is Christian art, which is much broader and might through art encapsulate various perceptual and interpretational ways and methods of Christianity.
More ancient branches of Christian art are theological literature and lyrics, iconography, music and theater. With the development of technology, theology penetrated into the world of cinema. In modern world theology is introduced into art through new language and forms aiming at elucidating the problems that a modern-time person might be concerned about and at searching remedies for them.
The inter-connection of Theology and Art allows ‘TheoLab’ to draw beyond strictly theological discussions and, in accordance with the latter, to invite experts in various fields of Art acquainted with Theology to propose novel and innovative theories, to put forward their perceptions, interpretations, evaluations and to participate in discussions.

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